Music for Morning Meditation: 10 Powerful Mixes Chosen Just for You

woman meditating on rock

It’s no secret that meditating in the morning can work wonders for your mental health and also boost your productivity. Many tools can greatly help, but good music for morning meditation is the key to a wonderful experience. Choosing the right one can lift your spirits exponentially.

There are so many choices to choose from when you’re searching on YouTube that it can quickly become overwhelming. We’ve made it easier for you by compiling some of the best pieces of music around. Get started by scrolling below!

GOOD MORNING MUSIC ➤ Boost Positive Energy ➤ Peaceful Healing Meditation Music

by Romantic Piano

A very nice mix for peaceful music that slowly heals your soul. Recommended for slower-paced mornings, especially right before the sun rises. A hot cup of tea with lemon should top it all off for an amazing morning meditation session.

Start Your Day With Positivity | Morning Relaxing Music

by Habits of the Wealthy

Positive piano music certainly makes this musical piece one that you’ll return to over and over again. Gentle piano music can help you get the day started with positivity and allow you to make things happen. Keep this musical piece in your favorites folder to use again as much as you wish.

Amazing Morning Wake Up. Beautiful Nature and Positive Energy Music 528 Hz

by Meditation & Relaxation – Music channel

This meditation piece is absolutely amazing! It has such a perfect blend of guitar, piano, and nature sounds at just the right times to provide you with an incredibly uplifting experience. Listen right before you go into work or school and you’ll be the only one filled to the brim with positive energy.

Relaxing & Calming Music For Stress Relief | Popular Morning Positive Meditation Music |Soul Connect

by Rajshri Soul

Lower your stress with this mix by Rajshri Soul. You will find yourself in the mountains of India with this musical piece, surrounded by your own ensemble of bells and wind instruments. Let them guide you on a journey to relieve yourself of any troubles.

Good Morning Music😍Wake Up Happy&Positive 432Hz Soft Healing Music

by Nature Healing Society

Enjoy a relaxing meditation session with this morning meditation music. Nature Healing Society takes it nice and slow with percussion instruments and epic sounds. This is the perfect way to start the day: with calmness and happiness. Replay this piece whenever you want to start the day right.

Morning Meditation, Positive Energy, Inner Peace, Soothing Music, Yoga

by Music for body and spirit – Meditation music

This is our selection for cultivating inner peace. Music for Body and Spirit – Meditation Music does a wonderful job of creating a magical environment that allows you to find the inner peace that has eluded you for so long. Listen to this one when you’re looking inward for stability.

Morning Meditation Music for Positive Thinking and Good Mood

by Meditation & Relaxation – Music channel

When you want to be in a good mood, look no further than the Meditation & Relaxation – Music channel to help get you there. This musical piece will help you accept more of those positive thoughts and to create positive vibes. Listen to this one when you have a lot of time to spare and no other obligations afterward for best effects.

Shamanic Meditation Music, Healing Music, Stress Relief, Relaxing Music, Chakra, Spa, Relax, ☯3567

by Yellow Brick Cinema – Relaxing Music

Shamanic music is known for their powerful healing properties and this musical piece leaves nothing to be desired. Yellow Brick Cinema – Relaxing Music makes it their priority to keep you entranced using a variety of flutes and shamanistic instruments. When you’re in a more “tribal” mood, play this one and get ready to heal your inner spirit.

Tibetan Meditation Music, Soothing Music, Relaxing Music Meditation, Binaural Beats, ☯3186

by Yellow Brick Cinema – Relaxing Music

Tibetan meditation music is very soothing and harmonious. Yellow Brick Cinema – Relaxing Music has made it as effective as possible using Tibetan flutes and various other instruments to create a peaceful, calming experience. Listen to this piece when you want to start the day off with a calm spirit.

Native American Music and Nature Sounds Zen Flute, Morning Relaxing Music, Nature Relaxation

by MeditationRelaxClub – Sleep Music & Mindfulness

Native American flutes sound amazing, especially when combined with drums and nature sounds. Put yourself into a nice tempo with this piece from MeditationRelaxClub – Sleep Music & Mindfulness to get yourself ready for a big day ahead.


Meditating with music is an amazing experience with so many benefits. One way to add an extra pump to the morning ritual is with a voice to guide you through it. When you feel the need for a soothing voice, look for guided meditation to help you along your way. Below are our picks for some awesome guided meditation sessions in 15 minutes or less!

Best Morning Meditation | 15 Minutes To A Perfect Day

by Boho Beautiful Yoga

This is such a wonderful guided meditation by instructor Juliana Spicoluk. In only 15 minutes, she brings your spirit to life. The steady pace of her voice and the soothing background music make it a perfect start to your day. Listen to this when you need someone to guide your thoughts and awareness.

10 Minute Morning Meditation for Clarity, Stability, and Presence | Goop

by Goop

For additional morning clarity, this guided meditation by Kate Waitzkin will help you control your awareness and feel more in control of your life. She does a fantastic job of helping you to empower your breathing and to harness your inner energy. Complete this one in a mere 10 minutes.

Beautiful Music for Morning Meditation

We hope that you enjoyed this collection of beautiful music for morning meditation. Play it every morning just before the sun rises for uninterrupted clarity. Choose the best one for you depending on your mood or desires. As always, come back for more with the like, follow, and subscribe buttons.